Ayurvedic Treatment For Ascites

Ayurvedic Treatment for Agoraphobia

It can be described as the accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity which leads to the abdominal distension. Although most commonly due to cirrhosis and severe liver disease, its presence can portend other significant medical problems. It can be caused by the excessive alcohol consumption in most of the cases, however, sometimes lever infection can also result into the Ascites problem. Women are more at risk than men of developing Liver Cirrhosis due to alcohol-induced liver damage. Boolchand Ayurveda’s doctor considers all of these causes and factors while designing a personalized Ascites treatment.

Symptoms of the disease

  • Anaemia
  • Jaundice
  • Portal hypertension
  • Digestive complaints
  • Liver & spleen enlargement
  • Haemorrhages from body

Risk factors

  • Heart failure
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Sitting work
  • Sleeping in daytime
  • Irregular water balance

Ayurvedic Liver Cirrhosis Treatment
From Ayurvedic perspectives, Liver Cirrhosis reflects extreme aggravation of pitta dosha. Almost all functions of pitta such as digestion of food, complexion of skin, feeling of hunger, production of blood etc get considerably hampered. We have seen many patients with the similar disease and have treated them with our 100% Ayurvedic medicines. They all are leading a better and happy life now.

Diet recommendation

  • Eat a simple and vegetarian diet.
  • Avoid refined flour, polished rice, mustard oil, mustard seeds.
  • Increase intake of whole-wheat flour, brown rice or parboiled rice.
  • Avoid unnecessary exercise and stressful conditions.
  • Take complete rest.
  • Alcohol consumption should be stopped completely.