A very common issue faced by people of all age groups, constipation is associated with the inability to completely evacuate the bowels. This problem pertains to an unhealthy lifestyle with wrong eating habits. If not taken seriously, constipation can lead to further health problems like piles, loss of appetite and indigestion.


When the body becomes incapable of digesting the food as a result of a weak digestive system, constipation occurs. The main causes are irregular and incorrect eating patterns, reduced consumption of fluids, taking a low fiber diet, an inactive lifestyle and improper bowel evacuation habits. The food that doesn’t evacuate from the body results into the formation of mucus. Consuming oily, spicy, fried, and junk foods are the major cause of the issue. Poor eating habits like watching television during meals and late sleeping habits lead to bowel disturbance. Psychological factors like stress, anxiety, fear and sorrow may also disturb the digestive system.


  • Indigestion (dyspepsia)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Accumulation of gas
  • Pain at the anus during bowel evacuation
  • Lack of appetite

Ayurvedic View

According to Ayurveda, undigested food that accumulates in the stomach and large intestines causes Vata Dosha obstructing the digestive tract. This leads to inability of proper bowel movement and thus constipation.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

  • Consume fiber rich foods like fruits like apple and ripe banana and cooked vegetables.
  • Increase your water intake per day; consume lukewarm water and avoid chilled fluids.
  • Consume spinach and tomato soup for easy bowel evacuation.
  • Morning and evening walks are helpful.
  • Eat whole grains and nuts.
  • Avoid white flour, white rice, bread, pasta, pizza and similar items.
  • Increase salad intake.
  • Meat should be avoided.
  • Take freshly prepared warm food and avoid cold food like ice-cream and chilled drinks and stale food.

Home Remedies

  • Take one table spoon of castor oil before going to sleep.
  • Drinking water stored in a copper container at empty stomach in the morning is beneficial for digestion.
  • Eat soaked figs at empty stomach in the morning and drink the water in which they were soaked.
  • Apply 3 to 4 drops of castor oil to navel at night in kids.