Depending upon the cause, headache can be of different types. It is a symptom and can be triggered by high blood pressure, lack of sleep, eyesight disorder, sinusitis, hunger, anemia, hormonal changes, migraine, studying in improper light, strain, work load, constipation, caffeine withdrawal, flatulence or any other cause. A person with headache may also suffer from nausea, vomiting, watering of eyes and nose bleeding.


Disturbance in vata and kapha inside the body due to improper diet and wrong lifestyle causes headache. Vata is obstructed by the kapha in the head region, causing headache.


  • Pain in the back of the neck and shoulders.
  • Pain in the head

Ayurvedic View

As per Ayurveda, headache is a symptom of a sensitive nervous system and disturbed digestion. Aggravated Pitta impairs digestion causing formation of digestive impurities that deposit in the mind channels and cause headache. Also low ojas or body energy gives rise to migraine and similar problems.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

  • Consume easily digestible foods in warm condition such as porridge, boiled and steamed vegetables, soups, salads, juices, brown rice and whole-wheat flour.
  • Eat fruits including apples, papayas and grapes.
  • Eat almonds, walnuts and raisins every day.
  • Avoid spicy, cold, refined, oily and stale food.
  • Avoid working without breaks and up to late night.
  • Don’t exposure yourself to extreme cold or hot weather.

Home Remedies

  • Apply a paste of sandalwood powder and rose water over your head.
  • Apply paste of black pepper and rice grains on affected area.
  • Apply paste of cloves and cinnamon oil over your head for pain relief.